About This Forum

Like its journal Radical Musicology, this blog espouses no particular theoretical line, ideology or programme. However, responding to a perception that the projects going under the names of ‘new’ and ‘critical’ musicology have been succeeded by a certain disciplinary retrenchment or even counter-reaction, we aim to encourage work which explicitly or implicitly interrogates existing paradigms, and which acknowledges that musicological work will always have a political dimension. The politics we favour might be summarised as a desire to democratise the field of the permissible. With this in mind, we encourage thoughtful responses to journal conent through the blog medium. Click here to view our policy on comments.

The journal and blog are both produced in the International Centre for Music Studies at Newcastle University (UK). They were both established to provide a forum for progressive thinking across the whole field of musical studies, and we encourage responses to the journal’s contents that draw on any and all relevant disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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