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  1. A critical analysis is needed in the area of brain wave responses to the sound of music to detect at once if music influences people in ways that are detrimental to human behavior. Many articles suggest behavior is indeed influenced by music. It is my contention that music leads to depression and aggression in many case studies of individuals. I would like to see an outcome that music can be a clinical tool to conteract such emotions to eliminate such negative behavior when needed in a clinical setting. I believe this is needed since the music industry will always be with us. Many law suits have addressed this issue indicating music was the sole source of an individuals aggressive behavior. However, I believe one leading cause of depression is also music. Why do I feel this cause is noteworthy? Todays music is more aggressive then it use to be. If aggression can be tied to an emotional response illicited by aggressive music then we should see an increase in aggression in geographical areas that support this type of music. If conclusive evidence is gained, then corrective action can be taken to reduce violence, suicide and murder in suspected individuals. Macroscopically speaking in America the music has changed from love songs and “party” songs of the 60’s through the early 90’s to a genre of aggressive “hate” music leading me to believe psychosocial influences have already taken place. The exchange of the loss of love for anger in todays music may lead others less equiped to control such anger in this common world of violence. Even with social restraints to hate crime and murder in place, it is likely music may be a major factor in todays aggresive behavior.

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